Nicky Akehurst, Akehurst Creative Management, independent gallerist and curator, has over 30 years’ experience in providing management and consultancy services to photographers, exhibition organisers, publishers and curators of private and public collections.

We support photographers by acting in a management role; we pursue opportunities for their work to be exhibited, licensed or placed with established galleries/collections and we handle copyright and legal issues. Our corporate and institutional clients, publishers and collectors benefit from our ability to locate and acquire suitable prints or negotiate reproduction rights.

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Latest News

akehurst press: launch of a new publishing venture.

A portfolio range of postcard packs, ephemera and design curios, – with a main emphasis on contemporary photography, but including design, visual arts, architecture, social documentary, counter-culture or just plain quirky. All artist inspired, well-designed limited print runs of products that are tactile and hand finished that we hope will become coveted and kept

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By Helen Lyô From Eyemazing Annual Pictorial Vol II

Helen Lyôn has 14 pages included in:
Annual Pictorial, Vol.II, Published by Eyemazing Susan

Despair and love. With Sex, Rituals, Spiritualism and Romanticism we explore our attempts to give meaning to our lives. The selected images present fantasies and imaginings more real than our waking reality. Driven by a hunger to plumb the depths of human emotion, this 304-page volume transports the viewer on a visual odyssey through images of sadness, dark joy and profound melancholy…The painterly darkness of Manhood/Womanhood

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Ideas for a New Town by Seán Hillen

Seán Hillen interview in:
Independent Journal of Interdisciplinary Arts

Interview of Seán Hillen, with images, in Issue 2.

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Tommy Cooper (Act 1) 1967 by John Claridge

Tommy Cooper (Act 1) 1967 by John Claridge.

The National Portrait Gallery have acquired a print from the edition of five for their permanent collection.

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Seán Hillen's work featured in Life Force Magazine (Jan 2016).

Images from Melancholy Witness: Photographs of the Troubles, by Seán Hillen are been featured in the January 2016 edition of the online title, Life Force Magazine.

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Karin Rosenthal - feature in Photographer's Forum.

The November 2015 issue of Photographer's Forum magazine includes an 8-page, illustrated feature on Karin Rosenthal.

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Current Exhibitions

Notting Hill Couple, 1967 by Charlie Phillips

Images by Charlie Phillips are included in an exhibition organised by Migration Museum
The Cafe, City Hall, London Assembly

Exhibition ends 26 February 2016

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Cloud I, 2005 by Karin Rosenthal

Cloud I, 2015 by Karin Rosenthal is included in the exhibition 'On the Body' curated by Ruth Erickson, Associate Curator at the ICA/Boston.
Gallery 263, Cambridge, USA.

11 February to 12 March 2016

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Sister Faustina Appears in Londonewry 1993 by Sean Hillen

‘Border Town exhibition’

Images from Sean Hillen’s Troubles series are included in the exhibition

Newry & Mourne Museum; ‘Bagenal’s Castle’, Ireland

The exhibition runs through 2016

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