Helen is a newcomer to the world of “art” photography. In the short time she has been working only on her personal work the results have been instantly recognised by those who it has been shown to.

Group Exhibitions

2015 Winter Show: Christian de Laubadere, Helen Lyôn, Tilemachos Kyriazatis, Suzanne Jongmans and Chris Kettle. Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, London

2014 Photography: 2014 Summer Show: Suzanne Jongmans, David Chow, Helen Lyôn, Paulette Tavormina and Seamus Ryan. Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, London

2014 The art of illusion: a group exhibition of selected photographers: Suzanne Jongmans, Paulette Tavormina, Helen Lyôn, James Ostrer and Patricia Casey. Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, London

2013 Mixed show
Unlimited Grain, Rotterdam, Netherlands

2009 Women Photographing Women, Second Glance: Louise Bobbes and Helen Lyôn, Stephanie Hoppen Gallery, London

2008 Interim1; a mixed show of new artists - Hanane Ech-Charif, Helen Lyôn, Emi Miyashita, Agatha A Nitecka, George Petrou, Ann-Caroline Breig and Masaki Yada.
ROLLO Contemporary Art, London


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Eyemazing, Fall 2011; 'Eyemazing Meeting With ... Helen Lyôn'

Silvershotz, Volume 6, Edition 4, 2010; 'woman by woman; I am not here as a Muse'


Annual Pictorial Vol.II, published by Eyemazing Editions 2015-6
ISBN 978-90-822754-1-4

PHILIP TREACY: Hat Designer, published by Rizzoli, 2015
ISBN: 9780847846504

Eyemazing; The New Collectible Art Photography. Published by Thames & Hudson, 2013.
ISBN 9780500516850


'Helen Lyôn' by King Adz

It is as if you have entered another world; a feminine dreamscape charged with an erotic undercurrent. Leave all your pre-conceptions of photography and art on the riverbank and dive into the images flowing beneath and see where the current takes you.

I was introduced to Helen’s work by a friend (who was at the time a photographer’s agent) in New York several years ago when I was editing an issue of (now defunct, long gone) 100proofTRUTH and was on the look-out for some fresh talent. I was instantly captivated and thrown back into a time long forgotten when I looked at her work. Modern yet classically retrospective, her images played with my ideas of photography, sexuality, beauty, and reportage, and for me, this is what photography should be about.

I begun to correspond with Helen in order to get her to show her work in my magazine, but her initial reaction was ‘What’s urban about my work?’ which is a good place to start. Street Culture has influenced every visual aspect of our lives, and her work is a great example of how something urban doesn’t have to be a picture of Jay-Z clutching a bottle of Cognac whilst smacking a hoe’s ass. Helen’s work is urban because you know that just perhaps, somewhere in a city near you, any number of her photographs are being played out right now, as we speak, even though they might look somewhat retro. Her work documents of the process from her original idea to the moment the shutter closes to when she is drawing onto a photographic print and something is added with each step; something that builds up into a unique proposition.

I reckon the best person to take great photos of beautiful woman is a woman. It goes without saying really and the erotic fairly tale, albeit a thoroughly modern one, should really be crafted with a feminine hand.

Sometimes Helens photos are almost like a visual representation of a David Sylvian song from the late 1980s, which in my opinion is a really something rare in this day and age of total mediocrity, when any idiot with a digital camera reckons they’re a photographer.

King Adz is a English Writer and Film-maker, his last book/film was The Urban Cookbook his next book is an A to Z of Street Culture.