East London Portfolio: At the Salvation Army

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“The early pictures were taken when I used to go wandering around and talking to the guys on the street, and they told me they were going to the Salvation Army, so I followed them.” he recalled, “The later ones were done by invitation as charity work to raise money, and I wanted to document what they were doing because I think they do a fantastic job. Over twenty years, the facilities were updated but the people didn’t seem to change. I met people from all across the social spectrum who were in need of help, most were East Enders without families who couldn’t take care of themselves.

The Salvation Army offer a welcome to lost souls sleeping rough on the street, and they give people some faith in themselves when everything’s going down the drain. Anyone could end up like that, some who I met were well educated, people like you and me. And, as a photographer, I found that if you showed a little respect, they showed you their pain.”

Excerpt taken from an interview with gentle author, Spitalfields Life, who first published these photographs.
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At Booth House, Whitechapel, 1967.

Waiting for the hostel to open in the morning, 1965.

Dormitory at Victoria Home, 1982.

At Hopetown, Old Montague St, 1982.

In the canteen at Victoria Home, 1982.

Blind pianist at the Hoxton day centre, 1982.

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