East London Portfolio: A Few Diversions

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“These are small incidents, humdrum diversions like going to the hairdresser or the baths, not shattering moments but part of the life of the community all the same,”

Excerpt taken from an interview with gentle author, Spitalfields Life, who first published these photographs.
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Twenty past one? Spitalfields 1967. “You couldn’t design it better!”

At the 59 bikers’ club, E9, 1973.
Founded by Father William Shergold, biker priest,
in 1959 to bring mods and rockers together.

Lady on the balcony, Spitalfields 1962.
“Her diversion for the day was standing there and watching the world go by.”

Man with jobs poster, Spitalfields 1963.
“I asked him, ‘Are you alright for a couple of bob?’
and he sat in the sun for me for a moment.”

Cup of tea, Spitalfields, 1964.
“Settled onto this old sofa in the market, enjoying his cup of tea, he looks like
he should be wearing an eighteenth century wig and coat.”

Washing day, E14, 1961.
“I just came out of my girlfriend’s house and she said,
‘Look, it’s washday across the road.’”

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