East London Portfolio: This was my Landscape

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“There was the glow of the lights of the dock, but all around us were vast expanses of darkness,” he told me in his excitement at recalling the wonder of the East End during his childhood in the nineteen fifties, in the days before the halogen glow which obscures the stars today.

“It was a different kind of landscape – without fields – but it was a landscape I loved, the landscape I grew up with,” John confessed, remembering the acres of bombsites and craters, wasteland and allotments that he once knew, and which he recorded in this vibrant set of pictures published today for the first time. “When I was fifteen, I was interested in motorbikes, girls and photography, though I couldn’t say in what order,” he admitted to me with a laugh.

Excerpt taken from an interview with gentle author, Spitalfields Life, who first published these photographs.
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Clearing a Bomb Site, E13, 1961. “The next street to where I lived.”

My Backyard, E13, 1961.

East End Blossom, E1, 1960. “Blossom on a bomb site.”

The Small Creek, E3, 1987. Daybreak.

Along the Track, E16, 1973.
“Shot from a parapet, early morning above the rail-track.
I wanted a bit of height.”

Sewer Bank Rd, E13, 1964. “My house was just over the fence to the right.”

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