East London Portfolio: Spent Moments

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On the evidence of this set of photographs alone it is apparent that John loves people, because each picture is the outcome of spending time with someone and records the tender moment of connection that resulted. Every portrait repays attention, since on closer examination each one deepens into a complex range of emotions.

Excerpt taken from an interview with gentle author, Spitalfields Life, who first published these photographs.
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Ex-Middleweight Boxer, Cable St, 1960
“We were talking about boxing when he just gave me the thumps-up.”

The Doorway, E2, 1962. “To this day I would still like to know where her thoughts were.”

A 7/6 Jacket, E13, 1969.
“He had a small shed where he sold anything he could find,
which he collected in a small handcart.”

Scrap Dealer, E16, 1975.
“This was shot in Canning Town, near the Terry Lawless boxing gym.”

Fallen Angel, E7, 1960. “There were a lot of fallen angels in the East End.”

A Portrait, E1, 1982.
“This special lady asked me ‘Why do you want to photo me?’
I replied ‘Because you look cheeky.’ This is the picture.”

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