East London Portfolio: A Few Pints

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"When I was fifteen, we’d go around the back and the largest one in the group would go up to the bar and get the beers,” John remembered fondly, “We used to go out every weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We’d all have our suits on and go down to the Puddings or the Beggars, the Deuragon, the Punchbowl, the Aberdeen, the Iron Bridge Tavern or the Bridge House.”

Excerpt taken from an interview with gentle author, Spitalfields Life, who first published these photographs.
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Light Ale, 1976. “Four cans of light ale and he was completely out of it.”.

A Smoke, E1, 1982.
“There was a relaxed atmosphere where you could walk in and talk to anybody.”

The Beehive, E14, 1964. “She never stopped giggling and laughing.”

Beers, E1, 1964. “This is Dickensian.
You wonder who’s going to step from that door. Is it the beginning of a story?”

White Swan, E14, 1982.

Round the Back, E3, 1963.

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