East London Portfolio: Sunday Morning Stroll

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There is no doubt that John is a man of an early morning disposition, as these pictures – published here for the first time – testify. In John’s youth, when the London Docks were still in operation and the East End was full of manufacturing, people went to work early and the streets were crowded at six or even earlier on weekdays, yet Sunday morning stood in contrast as the time when there was almost nobody out. This was when John chose to explore with his camera, delighting in the surrealism of these hours at the crack of dawn when familiar places became strange and the territory was his alone.e.

Excerpt taken from an interview with gentle author, Spitalfields Life, who first published these photographs.
To read the full interview and see the remaining 14 photographs in this series, Click Here.

Legs, Spitalfields, 1960.

Early morning fishermen on the Regent’s Canal beside Victoria Park, 1972.
“I asked this man, ‘Have you caught anything?’
He said, ‘I haven’t got a bait, I just like sitting here.’ You can’t argue with that.”

Pie & Mash Shop, London Fields, 1966.

Upton Park Station, E13, 1969. "There used to be old ladies sitting in there by the fire.”

White dog, E13, 1978. "A little bull terrier looking at the world.”

It’s Great, E3, 1982. “A fair set up on an old bombsite and I thought it was fucking ace.”

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