East London Portfolio: Just Another Day

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"Where others might find only the mundane, John sees the poetry of the human condition. There may be endless sleet in Spitalfields, freezing fog in Victoria Park, and the passengers are eternally falling asleep on the early train out of Upton Park, yet John always reveals the joy and the humanity of his subjects. A generous spirit informs his photographs."

Excerpt taken from an interview with gentle author, Spitalfields Life, who first published these photographs.
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Cobb St, Spitalfields, 1961.

Breaker’s yard, E16, 1975.
“I was talking to her dad and she just wandered off and got in the car.”

The shed, Plaistow, 1969. “This was at the top of the street where I lived.
He used to go round with that barrow and pick things up, and sell bits ”

Cup of tea, Spitalfields. 1961.

In Plaistow, 1961. “Just down the road from where I lived.
It certainly has a lot of charm to it, look at how little traffic there is.
That could be my dad on the bike, coming back from the docks.”

Kosher butchers, Bethnal Green 1962.
“It wasn’t very big and it did have a certain smell to it.”

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