East London Portfolio: A Couple of Pints

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I used to go along with my mum and dad, and sit outside with a cream soda and an arrowroot biscuit …but they might let you have a drop of brown ale.”

“When I was fifteen, we’d go around the back and the largest one in the group would go up to the bar and get the beers. We used to go out every weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We’d all have our suits on and go down to the Puddings or the Beggars, the Deuragon, the Punchbowl, the Aberdeen, the Iron Bridge Tavern or the Bridge House.”

Excerpt taken from an interview with gentle author, Spitalfields Life, who first published these photographs.
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THE DRINK, E14, 1964

A SMOKE, E1, 1982
"There was a relaxed atmosphere where you could walk in and talk to anybody."

"Who is he speaking to?"

DARTBOARD, E17, 1982
"I used to be a darts player, just average not particularly good"

SINGING, E1, 1962
"She'd just come out of the pub…"

THE MEETING, E14, 1982
"You don’t know what's going on. There's a big flash car parked there.
Are they doing a piece of business?”

SLEEP, E1, 1976
" They used to club together and get a bottle of VP wine from the off-licence,
and mix it with methylated spirits."

BEERS, E1, 1964
"This is Dickensian. You wonder who's going to step from that door.
Is it the beginning of a story?"


DOG, E1, 1963
"Just sitting there while his master went to get another pint of beer."

"He lived in Booth House and seemed very content that he had pulled himself out of it."

LIVE MUSIC, E16, 1982
"It was a cold winter’s day and raining, but I had to get this picture.
Live music and dancing in a vast expanse of nothing?"

THE BEEHIVE, E14, 1964
"She never stopped giggling and laughing."

THE SMILE, E2, 1962
"He said, 'Would you like me to smile?' He was probably not long for this world,
but he was very happy.”

IN THE BAR, E14, 1964
"I'd just got engaged to my first wife and she was one of my
ex-mother-in-law’s friends. Full of life!"

"I think the guy was standing at the cigarette machine."

THE CALL, E16, 1982
" Terry Lawless' boxing gym was above this pub. It looks as if everything is
collapsing and cracking, and the shadows look like blood pouring from above."

WHITE SWAN, E14, 1982

"Four cans of light ale and he was completely out of it."

CLOSED DOWN, Brick Lane, 1982.

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