Indian Tourist Board 1980

“I made several trips to India and came back with all kinds of pictures, and then I worked with a designer and a copywriter and we were free to be creative.”

Pirelli Calendar 1993

“We did this in the Seychelles and it was a lot of fun.”

Carras (Hellas) Shipping 1974

“This was for the cover of the Annual Report of a Greek shipping line. I found this barrow of tomatoes just around the corner from the Blue Mosque in Istanbul, I couldn’t believe it was so beautiful – the red glowed. If you’re going to show Byzantium, you have to show it through something other than the obvious."

French Tourist Board 1974

“This is very early in the morning near the Jeu de Paume in the Tuileries where the Impressionists painted. It was an experiment to see if we could get the feel of those paintings in a photograph.”

Jack Daniels 1986

“The guy was just whittling while he waited for the whisky to mature – it was his job, it was what he did. Tennessee was a dry state at the time.”


Lloyds Bank 1975

“This was on a beach in Cornwall. It was probably the weather we didn’t want. We had a horse for two days and we just let it run. You got the best horse you could, so we got one that had been ‘Black Beauty.’ This picture was used for a forty-eight sheet poster.”

The Strawberry Jacket

John Dove & Molly White originally conceived the strawberry as a 'cut n sew kit' to be sold in the Sunday Times as a special offer.  They purchased the strawberries at Fortnum and Mason and presented them to their friend and photographer John Claridge at his London Wall Studio.  They couldn't find a print company that could handle the quantity ordered by The Times, so sold the T-shirts and jackets 'in all the most Avant-garde boutiques in Europe.'  In 1972 Granny Takes A Trip began to sell the jackets in satin.  According to Dove and White, Paul McCartney contacted them in 1974 to order six Strawberry jackets for his first US Wings tour.  The 'Strawberry Fields Jacket' was with Paul throughout the American tour and remained with him for his appearance on Top of the Pops the same year.  A similar jacket was exhibited at the 1974 Fabric of Pop exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum.

A limited edition giclee print The Strawberry Fields Jacket, 1973, signed, titled and dated in pencil by John Claridge, numbered 1/25 - 21x38.5" (53x98cm) framed.

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