Consultancy Services

Akehurst Creative Management specialises in the management and representation of photographers and their archives. For over 30 years we have successfully developed many aspects of photographers´┐Ż careers, whether it be art-based, design and print, or licensing and merchandising. We actively pursue appropriate commercial clients for placement of such work, in addition to acting on a client's behalf in researching suitable imagery for their own publishing projects.

We have curated exhibitions for both national and international tours and we offer consulting services in this area. We can also provide the publicity and public relations for exhibitions.

Because of our experience and specialisation we have been able to develop particular expertise in the broader areas of copyright consultancy (encompassing all related legal issues), business and contracts.

Our work includes public relations: We can ensure that your project or brand receives the maximum coverage by press, media and public alike. This includes preparation and production of all written and support material.

In areas of research, no matter what your special requirements are, we can assist you in the sourcing of your photographic material required for your project.

Foremost we offer accessibility and cost-effectiveness.