Notting Hill in the Sixties

A photographic and literary memoir of one of London's most famous neighbourhoods.
Photography by Charlie Phillips, text by Mike Philips.
Published 1991, ISBN: 0-85315-751-0.
Soft covers, 237x239mm, 112 pages.


Bordello by Vee Speers

Images inspired by the French brothels of the 1920s, reconstructed from a contemporary viewpoint.
Foreword by Kate Hamilton, introductory essay by Paul Ryan, afterword and technical notes by Vee Speers.
Published 2004, ISBN: 1-902699-73-4
Soft covers, 143 x105mm, 224 pages.


Cubana, The Buena Vista Years by Keith Cardwell

A photographic record of a Cuban era.
Introduction by Tracy Hallett. Essay by Keith Cardwell.
Published 2004, ISBN: 1-902699-66-1.
Soft covers, 143x105mm, 279 pages.


Cuba, Si! 50 Years of Cuban Photography

Photography by Constantino Arias Miranda, Raul Corrales Fornos, Alberto Diaz "Korda", Mario Diaz Leyva, José Julian Marti, Lazara Miranda Vera, Pedro Abascal, Raul Canibana Ercilla, Cristobal Herrera Ulashkevich, Keith Cardwell.
Text by Stephen Wilkinson and Paul Ryan.
Published 2000, ISBN: 0-9540524-0-4.
Soft covers, 298x230mm, 96 pages.